Getting an appraisal is an important part of the claims process—and you need to know that you’ve got someone in your corner every step of the way. Our clients in the Boca Raton, FL area and throughout the region have been overwhelmingly pleased with All Claims USA Public Adjusters and our public adjusters’ appraisal services.

Why would you trust an appraisal to anyone without extensive experience and expert knowledge? Over a decade of appraisal experience and an in-depth knowledge of claims adjustment has provided our team with the expertise, tools, and understanding needed to ensure that your losses are accurately documented. And our years of experience have also honed our customer service skills to make sure that you have the least stressful, most streamlined resolution possible.


For the most part, insurance companies will accurately assess the losses you’ve suffered, but there are times when they do not. When that happens, a public adjuster can be an immense help. However, even when presented with an adjusted claim, an insurance company may dispute the amount with the property owner. At this point, either party may demand that the losses be formally appraised. Both parties must then choose to appoint a qualified appraisal in a timely manner.

These two appraisers then choose a mediator known as an umpire within fifteen days, one which is mutually agreed upon. If they fail to do so, a judge of record in the state of where the residence premises is located may do so.  At this point, each appraiser will independently assess the amount of loss. These two reports are then compared. If they are in agreement, the claim proceeds. If, however, the two appraisers do not agree, the umpire will mediate until an agreement is reached.


Appraisals are an excellent tool for property owners and insurance companies that are having difficulty reaching an agreement—especially if both parties wish to avoid the time and expense required for a lawsuit.

Those differences could be a minor disagreement over the need for repair versus replacement of property versus replacement, or a more serious issue like underpayment of a claim, or even denial of a claim.

Having a competent, qualified, objective appraisal can help you settle your claims not only more accurately, but also more quickly, reducing costs in the long run.  We’ll have your residential or commercial property back in working order—as it should be—as quickly as possible so that your life can move forward without being bogged down by delayed, denied, or underpaid claims.