Jacksonville, Florida is the North Florida hub for commerce, culture, entertainment and travel. The largest city by area in the lower forty-eight states, this sprawling, vibrant city has everything on offer: irreplaceable historic neighborhoods, great golf, wide swaths of natural land designated as wildlife preserves, and a thriving port.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t forget about the the gorgeous beaches, and the great swimming, sunning and surfing they offer. Living or working in sunny Jacksonville might be as close to perfect as you can expect to find here on Earth, but accidents—and natural disasters—still happen. You pay your insurance premiums, but does that mean you’ll get the settlement you deserve if something goes wrong?

You will if you use public adjusters of Jacksonville, All Claims USA Public Adjusters. We are the Jacksonville region’s most experienced, knowledgeable and customer friendly public adjuster team.  Like all public adjusters, we’re here to work for you directly, and not for the insurance company you’re paying. But unlike all public adjusters, we know what we’re doing, and we’re efficient and effective at getting your insurance claims honored fast.


You pay your dues. You’ve invested in an insurance policy that insurance claims to offer very comprehensive coverage. And yet, when something goes wrong, and you file an insurance claim on your own, the response shocks you.  Either the settlement is nowhere near sufficient for putting your property back in order, or you’ve been outright denied.

What is going on?

Don’t let this happen to you. All Claims USA Public Adjusters’s public adjusters of Jacksonville can prevent it.  We understand that insurance policies are written to confuse and obfuscate, and that insurance companies will use the smallest mistake by a policy holder against them.  They can’t do that, however, when you’ve got us on your side, because we know their tactics, we know their strategies, and we know what those policies actually say—and most importantly, we know how to hold them to it.


It would be impossible for every Jacksonville property holder to know the ins and outs of the entire insurance business, let alone keep track of constantly changing laws and regulations surrounding coverage and settlements. But it’s not impossible for us, because that is exactly All Claims USA Public Adjusters’s purpose. We’re devoted to knowing this information and even more dedicated to making it work for you. Unlike your insurance agent or broker, we’re not beholden to insurance companies in any way, shape, or form. You’re our client, and we work for you and only you.


But we can’t put our formidable knowledge and expertise to work for you until you give us a call.  That’s all we ask—one call, one communication, to prove to you that we’re everything we claim to be. Our customer service is exceptional, and we’re confident that our understanding of the insurance business and the insurance claims filing process will be obvious once we’ve had the chance to go over your situation.