All Claims USA Public Adjusters is located in sunny south Florida and have been representing Florida business owners and residents for over a decade. As your local Florida Public Adjusters, we understand the hassle of dealing with property damage and we work for you, not your insurance company, and have our clients best interest in mind. We have a long history of helping our clients get the payout they deserve, helping them rebuild and move on as quickly as possible! If you’ve used a good public adjuster before, you know the benefits such as 1) Avoiding costly mistakes 2) Save a lot of time 3) Protect your rights 4) Get a quicker claims resolution 5) Get a better payout.

Outstanding job by Mark at All Claims USA Public Adjusters in handling my insurance claim.  My situation was questionable at best for getting any money, but Mark still worked for weeks preparing his case which then resulted in a substantial award.“ –Tony, Boca Raton, FL

At All Claims USA Public Adjusters, hiring us right away will:

  • Immediately take stress off your plate knowing you have a professional adjuster working on your claim.
  • Get a better settlement on your claim- Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability Report: “Policy holders generally receive larger insurance settlements than policyholders that did not hire these persons… public adjuster claims resulting in payments that were 747% higher.” See some of our own case studies/success stories.
  • Expedite your claim and restoration of your home- Public Adjusters will save you time and money to get the process moving along as fast as possible.


All Claims USA Public Adjusters handles claims for water damage, pipe breaks, fire, smoke, mold, wind, storm, theft, business interruption claims and more. We are licensed, experienced and ultimately help our clients get the payout they deserve.

Many people assume that their claims adjuster is the person who will work with them to make sure the settlement they receive is fair. But claims adjusters are employees of the insurance company; their goal is to get a settlement which benefits the insurance company. By working with a public adjuster, you can ensure that you, too, have someone working on your side whose goal is to get a fair settlement for you – and who knows how to get that done.


All Claims USA Public Adjusters perform a number of functions for our clients, including but not limited to:

  • Examine and review your insurance policy to assess the coverage related to your current claim. We are experts in reading insurance policy language and know what to look for (including stipulations and provisions).
  • Researching, documenting (pictures of damage), verifying, and authenticating any damage to property, buildings, and their contents.
  • Calculating and preparing a professional estimate of damages and costs incurred that will be submitted to your insurance company. We document your entire claim utilizing comprehensive insurance industry software that provides detail structural estimates and personal/business property inventories.  
  • We negotiate on behalf of the policy holder with the insurance company in order to gain an accurate, fair and proper settlement. We’ve been negotiating claims every week for over 15 years. We use our experience and expertise to work out the best settlement possible for our clients.
  • We take the stress off your plate saving you time and money and help you avoid costly mistakes. We work to expedite your claim as fast as possible.
  • We challenge denied and underpaid claims when necessary.
  • Re-open claims when a discrepancy is discovered or additional damages found.
  • We work with a network of honest and organized emergency services providers that help when needed along the way (mold remediation, dry out, plumbing repair, etc.).
  • Check out some of our Case Studies/Success Stories and Testimonials to hear how we’ve helped our past clients.

For a free consultation or damage review, contact All Claims USA Public Adjusters. As public adjusters in Florida, we are here to help you get the best settlement possible.