How many cities can rank as one of the top five for outdoor lovers, have a bustling night life that make it one of the best cities in the world for 20-somethings, feature an incredibly diverse selection of family friendly entertainment, and have beautiful, near-perfect weather all year long? Not many—but first among them is Tampa, Florida.  Unfortunately, craft beer, awesome amusement parks, IMAX theaters, and outstanding museums can’t forestall every disaster—which is why if you’re a Tampa property owner, you probably have some of the best insurance coverage possible.

However, there are times when homeowners receive a settlement that they feel is less than what they deserve for property damage. That’s when our public adjusters in Tampa step in. At All Claims USA Public Adjusters, we work for you, the policy holder—we’re not on your insurance company’s payroll.  We put every ounce of our expertise to work, making sure that you get the settlement you deserve for your insurance claims should the unexpected occur.


Insurance policies aren’t written with Tampa area policy holders’ understanding in mind, which is why it’s important to have someone in your corner that speaks their language.

Public adjusters in Tampa like All Claims USA Public Adjusters dedicate our careers to understanding the ins-and-outs of insurance policy language, insurance company tactics, and regional and state laws related to insurance coverage. Why? So you don’t have to, that’s why. We learn these things so that when it’s time for you to file an insurance claim, you’re on even ground with the insurance company. Not sure what that clause means? We do. Not sure if that mold falls under water damage or some other section of the policy? We do. And we’ll share our information with you fully and willingly.

Why? Because we work for you. We’re not successful at what we do unless we’re successful at getting you the best settlement possible on your insurance claim. That’s why we’re the public adjusters Tampa chooses again and again.


Insurance laws,  insurance policy language, and the strategies insurance companies use to make sure that insurance claims favor them, rather than policy holders, aren’t easy to tackle, especially when you’re already off kilter because of a disaster. That is, unless you’re a dedicated public adjuster of Tampa like All Claims USA Public Adjusters. We don’t consider ourselves successful unless you get the full amount of the settlement you deserve for the damage your property has withstood. Your insurance company should be happy to make you whole again after things go wrong, but you need someone at your back to make sure that they do. We want to be that someone.


We’re waiting to hear from you, and we look forward to the opportunity to. Why? Because we know that once you’ve spoken with one of our representatives, you’ll understand that we’re here to help you, and that we’ve got the tools and knowledge we need to do so.