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Denied Claims

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denied homeowners insurance claimProperty owners depend upon their insurance carriers to settle valid claims quickly and accurately, so that they can maintain the value and usability of their properties. In many cases, this is possible without difficulty. However, there are also times when claims are underpaid or even denied despite the fact that the property owner’s claims should be covered by their insurance policy.

When these unfortunate situations arise, enlisting the help of a public adjuster can give property owners the tools and expert knowledge and advice they need to mediate a claim dispute and reach a satisfying resolution. If you’re not content with your insurance settlement, or if your claim has been denied completely, you haven’t necessarily reached the end of the road. We’re here to help you understand your options and your rights as outlined in your policy, and to help you be sure that they’re being acknowledged by your insurance company. We want you to get the settlement you deserve. Call today: 866-900-8811

What to Do if Your Claim was Denied

Many property owners panic if a claim is denied. While insurance companies are apt to deny claims that they feel they can justify denying, following some simple steps with the guidance of a public adjuster can help improve your chances of having your claim reevaluated.

  1. Review Your Claim… With a Professional

Insurance policies and claims alike are full of legal and industry terms that can be difficult for the layperson to interpret correctly. Your claim could have been denied on little more than a technicality. Our professional team can help you review your claim to determine the next best step. Request a written response from your insurance company regarding the reason your claim was denied. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. They’re legally obligated to offer you an explanation.

  1. Gain a Complete Understanding of Your Policy

Sometimes claims are denied because of differing interpretations of the coverage your policy offers. First, make sure you have an up to date, certified copy of your policy on hand. If you don’t, request a new copy from your insurance company ASAP to review with an adjuster. There are two main aspects of the policy you’ll want to focus on, depending upon the reason for the denial:

  • Your rights as a policy holder
  • Your policy maximums

Mistakes happen, and when insurance companies mistakenly deny a claim it is overwhelmingly due to a mistake related to one of the above two factors. Filing errors, confusion between different policy conventions within the company, and mistaken limitations placed on policies can result in a denial that can be easily reversed.

  1. Document Everything (and More)

Of course, when you filed your claim, you felt you had sufficient evidence. But if that claim was denied, that simply might not be the case. Go over the incident that resulted in your claim and gather and all documentation that relates to the incident. Sit down and review your evidence and documentation to ensure that there are no discrepancies.

public adjusters denied claims floridaA mistyped date, confusion over the parties involved, or evidence that creates the false impression that you were negligent in some way could lead to a denied claim. Don’t forget to include documentation of preventative measures, maintenance, and prior inspections that show that you have been a responsible property owner.

  1. File an Appeal

Your adjuster can help you through the process of filing a formal appeal if the denial is not reversed. Organize the evidence you’ve gathered, and work with your adjuster to make sure that your appeal is airtight. Also, document all interactions and communications you’ve had with your insurance company. When you speak to someone from the company over the phone, be sure to note their name and the date and time of the communication. Save all related emails as well as any physical mail related to the claim.

Get the Settlement You Deserve

You have rights as a consumer and as a policy holder, and one of the most important functions our adjusters fulfill is making sure that you are able to exercise those rights to their fullest extent. If you believe that your claim was unjustly denied, contact us immediately for a consultation.

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