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Mold Exposure Sore Throat and Infections

mold sore throat
Sore and itchy throat, burning eyes, head ace, sinus pressure, runny nose, dizziness and chronic cough are just some of the signs of your body being affected by a mold source in your home. Quite often, the mold source is not even known. Your health symptoms will continue even if you've been treated by a doctor because once it’s airborne, it is invisible to the eye unless you can find the source where the mold is growing.  Mold is usually hidden in a moist damp area and cause by a slow leak or water source.

How mold impacts the body long term

mold sore throatMost people are allergic to mold, some more than others, like infants, young children, the elderly and even pets. If you already have allergies, asthma or a weakened immune system, the impact from mold in your home can be more serious. Once the tiny mold spores have become airborne, they are transported through the home by your HVAC system or (Air Conditioner).

Treating the effects of Mold

In mild cases like a sore throat, warm tea with honey, throat lozenges and antihistamines can give you short term relief. Once it becomes more serious and you suffering from a chronic cough, headaches, trouble breathing, pressure in your chest and even dizziness, it is critical you seek medical care immediately and consider staying out of the home until the mold source can removed. The mold can be located and contained with the help of a restoration company installing the proper equipment to treat the affected areas until the mold can be removed from the property professionally. (Mold Remediation)

Mold Removal and Remediation

The good news is that most home owner property insurance policies have coverage for mold removal and the necessary repairs that will need to take place after the mold is removed.  These costs can be quite expensive, so in some cases contacting and hiring the right team of professionals to guide you through this step by step process is crucial. Remember, the insurance company has their team of individuals that are hired to save the insurance company as much money as possible, therefore, you will need a public adjuster on your side.

Free consultation and home inspection

If you have mold or think you may have mold in your home, make sure to reach out to your trusted public adjuster. At All Claims USA, their team of licensed professionals will walk you through the step by step process from beginning to end.  They will make sure you get the settlement you deserve. This allows you to focus on family, work, school, etc. and your day to day schedule without any stress. Hundreds of insured homeowners have put their trust in All Claims USA Public Adjusters to get their property and lives back to normal.

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