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Privacy Policy

privacy policy

General Statement
We recognize and respect the privacy expectations of our clients. If you have questions about, or you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, please contact us. This policy applies to current and former clients of our firm.

Recognition of Customer Privacy Expectations
We do not disclose any nonpublic, personal information about our clients or former clients to affiliates or nonaffiliated third parties except under limited circumstances as permitted by law. We will not disclose such information in the future, except as permitted by law.

Third party content may contain material, including advertising and links, which originates from third parties

What Private Information We Collect
The firm collects limited nonpublic, personal information about you in the course of providing public adjusting services on your behalf.

This information may include your name and other related general financial information like your employment status, Social Security Number, bank account information, financial and other information about your real and personal property, and other data collected during the course of our relationship. You may contact us via telephone or email at any time to see what data we have about you, and you may change, correct, delete or express any concerns you may have about the use of your data.