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Public Adjuster in Naples

public adjuster naples
public adjusters naplesAll too often, when Florida home or business owners need to make claims on their insurance, they end up mired in confusing paperwork and red tape that feels endless. In Naples, where the area has seen significant hurricane damage over the years, and businesses rely on tourism income to stay solvent, waiting on an insurance company to pay on a claim can be devastating. This is where public adjusters in Naples can be crucial. At All Claims USA, we help policy holders get fair treatment from insurance companies by advocating on their behalf.

When you make a claim on your insurance, your insurance sends out a claim adjuster. What you might not realize is that the company adjuster must advocate from the insurance company’s rights. Since they are professionals who do this every day, many private citizens are overwhelmed by the claim process. They are often underpaid, or not paid at all, even though their claims are legitimate.

What public adjusters do for Naples residents is represent the policy holder’s interests to the insurance company. Since they have experience negotiating and completing insurance claims, they can often get a better deal for the home or business owner than they might be able to get on their own.

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At All Claims USA, we provide services such as:
public adjuster

  • Analyzing your insurance policy to help you determine if you have appropriate coverage for your home or business
  • Visit your site and create a professional estimate for the insurance company
  • Inventory damaged items and transmit a professional statement to your insurance company
  • Prepare all claim documentation, including proof of loss, as required by your policy
  • Arrange advances on insurance claims when necessary
  • Refer you to restoration companies and licensed contractors who can secure and control damages to your property
  • Protect items that have not been damaged from additional damage
  • Help you find temporary residence when necessary, making sure your normal standard of living is maintained, as covered by your policy.
  • Handle all claim negotiations with your insurance company.

The public adjusters at All Claims USA are experts in negotiating your maximum allowed benefit, as described by your insurance policy. Rather than trying to navigate the intense world of insurance on your own, get help from professionals who are on your side and advocating on your behalf. We handle all residential and commercial claims, and can file new claims or re-open old ones. We only get paid from money that we recover.

Contact us today or call 561-306-1408 to learn more about how public adjusters in Naples can get you the money you deserve for your loss.

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