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How All Claims USA Public Adjusters Can Help

We’ll Maximize Your Settlement

Insurance policies are complex and can easily be misinterpreted. Having someone on your side that is familiar with navigating through policy language and filing claims can be extremely beneficial to maximizing the money owed to you.

Faster Claim Resolution

Understanding how to organize your claim paperwork and communicate with your insurance carrier can go a long way to avoid unnecessary communication and repeat requests for additional information. An experienced public adjuster can significantly expedite the claims process.

We Charge No Upfront Costs

Public Adjusters fight for you and your best interest. They get paid a percentage of what you recover from your claim. Therefore, you are not out of pocket any upfront fees and can assure that your public adjuster has your best interest in mind.


“I felt comfortable that I was signing with a trustworthy professional at a reputable company. Mark and his team were never flustered and never got upset when my insurance company became difficult to deal with”
- Carl, Boca Raton, FL

“We had absolutely no assistance from our insurance company. I contacted All Claims USA Public Adjusters, and within two days we received $10,000 for toys and clothes, as well as moved into a rental home. Shortly after our claim was settled at our policy limit of $360,000.00”
-Joey, SC

“I could not ask for somebody better to help me through my claim which was an extremely stressful situation”
-Graham, Boca Raton, FL

“The team at All Claims USA are punctual, knowledgeable, competent and professional.”
-Alred, Wellington, FL

About All Claims USA Public Adjusters

You deserve to have a fair settlement on your insurance claim. With over a decade of experience with everything from small household claims to multi-million dollar commercial claims, All Claims USA will service you professionally, honestly, with integrity while working hard on your claim. All of our public adjusters are licensed with hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the years.

Our goal is to determine the maximum benefit you are entitled to for your claim and make sure you are paid accordingly. In most cases, attempting to handle a claim on your own will result in receiving the bare minimum the insurance company can pay you.

All Claims USA will come to your business or residential property and do a thorough inspection of your damages. Submitting an accurate, detailed claim is crucial to getting the right amount of money from an insurance company to cover a property loss. We take the stress off of your plate and handle the entire claim for you. Claims for flood, water damage, pipe breaks, fire, smoke, mold, wind and hurricane damage, as well as other damages can be handled and negotiated by All Claims USA Public Adjusters. We work on behalf of the policyholder to help our clients get what they're entitled to from the insurance claim and work to expedite the process.

In addition to Florida, All Claims USA is also licensed in many other states, such as:

  • New Jersey
  • Kansas
  • Tennessee
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Mississippi
  • Florida
  • Georgia


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