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Welcome to the website of All Claims USA, the premier public adjusters of Florida and servicing many other states. We are located in the great area of Boca Raton, Fl. For nearly a decade, our team of insurance claims specialists has worked in neighborhoods in and around South Florida and expanding areas to help homeowners and businesses get the settlement they deserve for their insurance claim. Now a days it’s important to hire a pubic adjuster to represent you with your insurance claim to make it an easier process for you while assuring you will get a maximum settlement on your claim.

Perhaps you’re not sure what a public insurance adjuster actually does. A public adjuster works for you, not the insurance company, handling your insurance claim from start to finish while keeping your best interest as our top priority. There is an important distinction between a public insurance adjuster hired by the insured and the company adjuster that is sent out by your insurance carrier. The company adjuster is looking out for their employer, and in turn, their goal is to pay you as minimal as possible to settle the claim. You deserve someone who is looking out for your interests and can advocate on your behalf to ensure a fair settlement for your claim. Hiring a public adjuster can take the stress out of the process, especially when you keep in mind that you pay absolutely nothing out of pocket. It’s that simple. When you think you may have a claim, it’s best to contact us as soon as possible since the earlier we get involved, the better. Yet, even if you’ve already received payment from your insurance carrier, or, if your claim was wrongly denied, we can help.

When you need a public adjuster you can count on, you can rely on Boca Raton public insurance adjusters, All Claims USA. Visit our testimonials page to see how we can help change the outcome of your claim. Serving all of Florida and licensed in many other states, we have both the experience and skills necessary to maximize your claim. Our public adjusters in Boca Raton, Florida are very knowledgeable and will be happy to talk to you about your claim; call us at 561-306-1408 today!