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Premier Public Adjusters, All Claims USA

Welcome to the website of All Claims USA Public Adjusters, the premier licensed public adjusters of Florida and servicing many other states. We are located in the great area of Boca Raton, FL. The bottom line is that you deserve to have a fair settlement on your insurance claim. We are a licensed Public Adjusting company with over a decade of experience in the insurance industry.

Our goal is to determine the maximum benefit you are entitled to for your claim and make sure you are paid accordingly. In most cases, attempting to handle a claim on your own will result in receiving the bare minimum the insurance company can pay you. We take the stress off your plate and handle the entire claim for you. Claims for flood, water damage, pipe breaks, fire, smoke, mold, wind and hurricane damage, as well as other damages can be handled and negotiated by All Claims USA Public Adjusters. We work on behalf of the policyholder to help our clients get the maximum settlement for their insurance claim and work to expedite the process. Visit our case studies and testimonials page to see some of the stories of how we’ve helped our clients.

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