Our team of Public Adjusters in Fort Myers work for you! Do you know what your property damage claim is really worth? Will your insurance company offer you a fair claim settlement? What if your claim has been delayed or denied or underpaid? We represent you with your best interest in mind. We prepare, present and negotiate a faire settlement under the provisions of your policy. We have helped thousands of home and business owners over the years and take pride in each claim we handle.  Check out our client reviews and case studies! 


When it comes to our public adjusters of Fort Meyers, Florida property owners can count on the following:

  • We’re experienced. Our team has handled over a thousand claims over the years and is proud to have amazing reviews. 
  • We’re experts. We don’t rely only on past experience. We are always studying changes in policies and in the industry, so that we’re always prepared for a new situation. We use the latest industry standard software to write up our clients damage estimates.
  • We’re efficient. Delayed settlements can sometimes be almost as much of a disaster as a settlement that’s been denied. Your public adjuster will stay on top of your claim’s progression.


We will help you every step of the way, from figuring out if you have a claim, and if so what type, to thoroughly documenting your damages and managing communications with your insurance company and beyond. We handled new, delayed or denied property damage claims. Our main goal is to get you the settlement you deserve. We take the stress off your plate as you let the experts handle all the heavy lifting for you. 


If you’ve used a good public adjuster before, you know the benefits such as 1) Avoiding costly mistakes 2) Save a lot of time 3) Protect your rights 4) Get a quicker claims resolution 5) Get a better payout. It’s proven statistically that those who use public adjusters on thier claim receive a higher payout: Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability Report: “Policy holders generally receive larger insurance settlements than policyholders that did not hire these persons… public adjuster claims resulting in payments that were 747% higher.” In addition, they save you time and stress and their experience helps you on the road to recovery from your damages as quickly as possible.