Even with the most accurate weather forecasts in history and the most extensive damage prevention measures possible, storms and hurricanes can pose a serious threat to the integrity of your property. In addition to the stress these natural disasters inherently cause, property owners must also be prepare themselves for dealing with the complexities and difficulties involved in getting a fair insurance settlement. Storm damage insurance claims must be handled delicately to ensure that you receive what you need and deserve to restore your property to its former, intact state. Engaging the help of a professional Public Adjuster for a hurricane damage claim is the most important step you can take to do that. Over the years, All Claims USA Public Adjusters has represented thousands of home and business owners affected by storm damage. We are here to be your trusted representative and ensuring success through every step of the property claim process. Our team will make sure you avoid costly mistakes. See our client testimonials here and call today for a free claims evaluation: 866-900-8811.

Mark at All Claims USA Public Adjusters has outstanding knowledge, experience and service we were awarded 6 times the amount the insurance company offered us!!!” -Frank, Florida



Storm and hurricane damage claims are complex. A claims adjuster can help you navigate the intricacies involved in the various types of damage that may impact your claim. “Storm” or “Hurricane” damage can cover a vast gamut of different claim types. Hurricanes can be accompanied by tornadoes, water damage, floods, storm surges, and wind driven rain, and often, damage sustained from these sources needs to be addressed by different types of policy coverage.

When your property is damaged by a Hurricane, our Public Adjusting professionals at All Claims USA are committed to ensuring you receive a full and fair compensation from your insurance carrier. In many cases, insurance companies settle claims for less than is owed to the policy holder or even deny the claim. We see it on a weekly basis and are passionate about helping our clients. With our representation, we advocate for you and play a very important role, including providing your insurance company the true estimate/cost of damages to your property. We exclusively represent the policyholder – you have a right to have an insurance adjuster on YOUR side with your best interest in mind. With our help, you can trust you are in good hands and you’ll be able to rebuild and restore your property.