Whether you’re in Boca Raton, FL or our wider service region, we want to ensure that you receive the maximum, accurate amount of your residential claim.  A public adjuster (also known as a public adjuster or private adjuster) from the All Claims USA Public Adjusters team can guide you through the entire claims process.

Insurance companies exist to perform a service for you, but their perspective is not an unbiased one.  Furthermore, even insurance company agents that intend to be entirely fair are sometimes overworked, and they’re human—they make mistakes.  You need someone in your corner, with your best interests in mind.  You need someone who is willing to devote their considerable knowledge, expertise, experience, and undivided attention to your residential claim. That’s what we’re here for.

Even when everything is amiable between an insurance company and a claimant, the process is often a complex one.  There are certain obligations that homeowners are required to fulfill according to their policies, but these obligations may not be either intuitive or clearly stated in a way that a layperson understands.  Our public adjusters, however, are very familiar with these practices and can help homeowners be certain that they have fulfilled these requirements without in any way endangering the outcome of their claim.

We are prepared and enthusiastic about representing you, not the interests of your insurance company. We have years of experience with the myriad processes and steps required for a successful settlement. We’re also very familiar with the hoops homeowners often have to navigate through in order to receive the very claims they deserve. Allow us to handle all these aspects for you, allowing you to focus on your family’s needs and rebuilding your life.

Most clients today engage the services of a public adjuster, and for good reason.  Insurance policies are convoluted and filled with technical language that, while it may not be intended to deceive, certainly isn’t designed for clarity. Our adjusters devote their careers to understanding that language and how to make it work for you, the policy holder. Our professionalism is unparalleled, as is our dedication to our clients.

Let us make your residential claims process something that serves you, not your insurance policy. Whether you’re facing storm damage or mold South Florida, you should give us a call.

We can help with new claims or those you have already began working with your insurance company on. Very often our clients have been offered a small amount from their insurance company to close out their claim. This amount is often not enough to pay for all your damages and does not result in a fair settlement. We will do a professional estimate and work with your insurance company to make sure you receive the right payment to cover all your costs. View our case study section to see just a handful of claims we worked on and the difference in payment the client received by hiring All Claims USA Public Adjusters.