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public adjuster testimonials boca raton florida

On Christmas Eve, My wife and I including our three children came home to find fire trucks lined up in front of our house that was on fire. After being told that we lost everything and couldn't enter the house. Of course, we called our insurance company. Two weeks later, we were still staying with friends and absolutely no assistance from out insurance company. I contacted All Claims USA Public Adjusters, and within two days we received $10,000 for toys and clothes, as well as moved into a rental home. Shortly after our claim was settled at our policy limit of $360,000.00.

Thanks All Claims USA

Joey & Pam, South Carolina

Mark at All Claims USA has outstanding knowledge, experience and service we were awarded 6 times the amount the insurance company offered us!!!

Frank, Boca Raton, FL

I hired Mark Petschulat to be my public adjuster for the water damage I had in my house. I have to say he did a amazing job, he was very prompt and professional and took care of the situation as if it was his own house. He did such a great job I hired for a second time after the hurricane. I highly recommend Mark Petschulat

Boca Raton, FL

When I met with Mark of All claims USA I felt comfortable that I was signing with a trustworthy professional at a reportable company.  That was such an understatement ... I had no idea that my insurance company was going to be so hard to deal with. I felt that I had paid my premiums for years and now they would take care of me in my time of need. Well not so much, they tried every trick that they could- From not returning calls to changing adjusters to I can’t even list them all. Thru all of this Mark and his team were never flustered and never got upset. He countered everything they tried, stayed professional, kept myself and my wife calm and confident. He and his team handled everything and in the end the settlement was very agreeable. All Claims USA was a blessing for my family in our time of need.

Carl, Boca Raton, FL

I have recently had in dealing with the water damage at my home. Mark at All Claims USA was by far the most professionally & efficiently handled process. Mark is an absolute pro at what he does, it was a privilege to have hired him as my
Insurance Adjuster. If there is anyone who has had a water/flood
claim, I can personally vouch and recommend All Claims USA for handling every aspect and detail of the claim.

Graham, Boca Raton, FL

All Claims USA. This is a Public Adjusting company I would highly recommend for many reasons.

  • They are punctual. I first contacted this company on a Sunday and left a message. I was surprised to get a call back that same day from Mark Petschulat and was able to schedule an appointment with him shortly after.
  • They are knowledgeable. On my very first call, for my first claim, after describing the experience I was having with a contractor, Mark confirmed my suspicions that the job was being done incorrectly. He referred me to another company that did the job.
  • Thorough and Competent. Shortly after filing a claim for the first incident I had at my house, we had a hurricane and I had to call this company again. Both times, Mark was detailed and thorough. He took lots of pictures documenting the damages. He was prompt in working with my insurance company.
  • This is a very professional and honest company. You are told upfront what the fees are and I believe because they are professional and honest in assessing damages, they were able to work smoothly with the insurance company so that I received my benefits in a timely manner.
  • Apparently, Mark is frequently on the road so at times communication was via text or if he could not be reached, his assistant is always available, and calls are returned promptly.
  • Finally, I was appreciative of the fact that when I was very stressed and confused, Mark encouraged me to relax and leave the worrying to him. That meant a lot to me.
Alred, Wellington, FL

All Claims USA helped us every step of the way. Mark was not only informative in how the process works but held our hand the whole way. I could not ask for somebody better to help me through my claim which was an extremely stressful situation. In the end All Claims USA got us more than we ever thought we would for our claim.

Chris, Boca Raton, FL

Outstanding job by Mark at All Claims USA in handling my insurance claim.  My situation was questionable at best for getting any money, but Mark still worked for weeks preparing his case which then resulted in a substantial award.

Tony, Boca Raton, FL

We are grateful to have come across Mark from All Claims USA who assisted our family with a leak and mold claim that we made to our insurance company. Mold South Florida is common, but with young children in our home, we were deeply concerned with getting the appropriate care for our home and the necessary funding needed to cover the damages. Mark made great referrals for us and also kept us informed every step of the way until we received what we needed from the insurance company. We recommend Mark for his thoroughness, trustworthiness and overall care for the customer.

Taylor and Steve, Boca Raton, FL

My family and I had never had to deal with insurance companies in the past, in that we were very fortunate.  As luck would have it, earlier this Summer we had an issue with water in the kitchen.  To say that we were unsure of who to call and where to turn would be an understatement.  However, a very good friend recommended we call All Claims USA and they would take care of the rest.  Upon meeting Mark and his team,  we immediately felt at ease.  We were in capable and caring hands and we knew it would all work out.  Mark was the perfect liaison between my family and the insurance company.  He made sure that the claim was paid and in a quick turnaround.  I would and already have, recommend All Claims USA to friends of mine in need.  I know they will be happy they called!

Barry, Boca Raton

Enormous thanks to All Claims USA. After enduring a flood Super Bowl weekend, our insurance company offered a minimal amount to repair the damages. As homeowners for 30 years and never having a claim, we were concerned with several issues. After searching for public adjusters in Boca Raton, we spoke with Mark, who traveled to our home to inspect the damage. We were very comfortable with his knowledge and expertise and immediately allowed Mark to take over communication with the insurance company. The claim was generously satisfied and we were able to fully rebuild our home. Thank you again for all your efforts.

Lee-Anne - Steinhardt, FL

I want to thank you for your professionalism and expertise in obtaining the Umpire Award that you did. I will certainly recommend your services, and will retain you if experts are needed in any property damage case that I may handle.

Roy, Attorney at Law, FL

I want everyone to know that Mark from All Claims USA is an amazing Public Adjuster! With his knowledge and skills, he ensured that the insurance company paid me enough to fix my home! He was on them from day one to do the right thing and not play games! Oh the insurance company tried to play games, but Mr. Petschulat nailed them on it every time thus ensuring I get what I deserved in a payment and not some pennies that they wanted to pay me.

Greg Widmer, GA

Being desperate, aggravated, and disappointed, I was glad to find All Claims USA to help me with my claim. Citizen does not have a good reputation. This was my first claim since over 50 years of coverage for my home. Our adjuster was successful in acquiring additional funds, through vigorous work and although my costs were not fully refunded, it helped me in my recovery to a great extent. I am thankful to Mark and wish him luck in his endeavors.

Paul, FL

Each client must be worthy of the equal trust that's required in any fiduciary relationship. You are always acting like the good Sheppard over the financial interests of your client. Putting the needs of your clients before all others is what sets you apart from other Public Adjusters who just sign up a loss, go down to the next door and get another signature.

The time effort and energy you spend always comes back by way of reference for future use, or endorsements like myself.

Jeff, FL

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