When it comes to water damage in your home or business, it’s important to be aware that timing is critical in preventing water damage from affecting the value—or even the structural integrity—of your property. Any indication that water has made an unwelcome appearance demands quick, decisive action. Water can cause property damage in and of itself, but the longer lasting consequences of water damage like structural damage and mold growth, can be just as (if not more) costly in the long run. Repairing and restoring a property that has suffered from water damage requires the assistance of experts, and receiving your full, deserved insurance settlement to engage their help requires the assistance of a professional Public Claims Adjuster. If you have just noticed leaks or flooding in your home and need a Public Adjuster for water damage, call us right away at 866-900-8811 for a complimentary damage consultation.

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Using a Public Adjuster for water damage is critical in avoiding costly mistakes and assuring a proper payout. Water damage is responsible for more property claims than any other type of property damage, and represent the largest financial burden on insurance companies. Over the years we’ve worked with many clients that have had thier claim denied or underpaid by their insurance company. A professional public claims adjuster on your side will use cutting edge technology to inspect your property and estimate your damages accurately. Call today: 866-900-8811.


There are three major categories of water damage. They’re based on the type of water involved in the damage, and the threats that water can cause to the health and well-being of the property’s occupants.

Clean water refers to water which doesn’t contain significant waste—water from, for example, a broken water supply line or overflow from a source of potable water. This water doesn’t post an immediate health risk, but can still cause property damage, so it must be addressed quickly.

Grey water contains contaminants that are toxic to humans, or may cause infections or other illnesses. Toilet overflows, sump pump failures, and other unsanitary sources of water are the source of damage in category two cases. Contact with the water involved should be avoided.

Black water is heavily contaminated water that contains bacteria and other waste that pose a serious risk to human beings and animals. Ground surface water, river flooding, and raw sewage area all considered black water sources.

A trained expert can help you identify the category of water damage in your home and work to prevent mold and structural damage. The first step is controlling the situation. After that, you’ll need assistance with your water or flood damage insurance claim.


Unwanted moisture, high humidity, storms, hurricanes, and floods can all contribute to the water damage South Florida residents must cope with, in addition to commercial and residential mishaps. To get the best possible results from your claim, follow our top tips:


A licensed public adjuster can help you understand your rights as stated by your policy. The language used in your insurance policy can be difficult to interpret without an expert’s help. Furthermore, the damage you’re claiming might require investigation to determine its cause and under which sections of your policy it might be covered. Using a public adjuster has been proven time and again to increase the amount of settlements that clients can expect from their insurance company. Get your claim settled, fully and correctly, the first time.


When a water pipe breaks in your home or business, the damage can be substantial. Depending on which pipes break, there can be significant flooding; you may see damage to walls, floors, and your belongings, stock, or office furnishings. Electronics in particular are often ruined during any kind of flooding. While you often think of water coming through fluorescent lights, or flooding basements, there are many other types of pipe breaks which cause damage. These include:

These are particularly damaging, as you often don’t notice the leak itself until significant damage has been done.


In colder areas of the country, the most common reason for pipe breaks or bursts is extreme cold weather, so why does Florida still suffer from pipe breaks? There are a few reasons.


Many insurance policies do not cover pipe break claims that are caused by wear and tear on the system. Therefore, if your claim appears to be due simply to the age of pipes, you may have difficulty on your own getting appropriate reimbursement from your insurance company. While the adjuster on your claim is required to act in the interest of the insurance company, Public Adjusters are professionals who act on behalf of the policy holder. We have years of professional experience helping policy owners get appropriate restitution from their insurance company.

If you need help determining exactly what your policy covers, or assistance determining if your claim denial or claim check are appropriate, contact All Claims USA Public Adjusters public adjustors for assistance. We will help you untangle the complexities of insurance and find the right solution. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you get the reimbursement you deserve!