To residents and visitors alike, the name “Fort Lauderdale” conjures up visions of fun in the sun, gorgeous beaches, year-round tans, and thriving social, cultural, and nightlife scenes. It’s no mistake that this Broward County gem is one of the most popular destinations in the country. It’s a beautiful place to live, to raise a family, to bring the kids on vacation, or to let loose during spring break! But even in paradise, disaster can strike—that’s why property owners have insurance policies, after all.

The All Claims USA Public Adjusters team is here to make sure that those insurance policies Fort Lauderdale property owners pay into so diligently pay off for them. We’re the most experienced, dedicated, skilled public adjusters Fort Lauderdale has to offer. Here’s why you should call us before you make a claim. (And if you’ve already made one—call anyway. We can still help!)


You’ve gotten where you are today because you’ve worked hard at what you do, whether it’s due to your business acumen, your trade skills, or pure persistence. Why would you risk everything you’ve worked so hard for over a denied claim, or a lesser settlement than you deserve, just because you decided to file it yourself?

Instead of taking that risk, why not hire a public adjuster in Fort Lauderdale?

Insurance policies are written in complex, industry specific jargon. That is to say, insurance companies don’t make it easy for you to know exactly what is covered, and to what extent. The insurance claims filing process is just as opaque and difficult to understand. “Roof damage” or “fire damage” mean one thing to you and another to your insurance company. A claim for mold damage may or may not fall under your water damage policy.

Allow us to handle the complexities and stress of filing insurance claims for you. We are the public adjuster Fort Lauderdale trusts. We work for you, not the insurance company, and our success is dependent on your success.


All Claims USA Public Adjusters public adjusters of Fort Lauderdale are extensively trained and educated in regards to how to read insurance policies, changing laws and regulations that govern minimum coverage, and the tools and tricks insurance companies use against their customers. Whether you’re a Fort Lauderdale home owner, or a commercial property owner in Fort Lauderdale, we can make sure you get every cent you’re entitled to under your policy and Florida law. Don’t you want that kind of expertise on your side?


We can’t start helping you until you call. Once you do, we’re absolutely certain you’ll experience our exceptional customer service and clear dedication to our clients, and you’ll wish you’d called sooner. Let us assess your claim professionally, and make sure that it’s fulfilled to your satisfaction.