The Broward County-based city of Coral Springs is a beautiful Florida community that is full of gorgeous buildings, food and entertainment, well-planned spaces, and great weather all year long. Yet, just like everywhere, homes and businesses are susceptible to damage that can occur any time- especially during hurricane season. From broken pipes to fallen trees to roof damage or mold, home or business owners can experience many different types of property loss. Our public adjusters in Coral Springs will take on your claim, reduce your stress during the insurance claim process, and make sure you get a full and fair settlement. All Claims USA Public Adjusters are licensed and bonded, with over a decade of experience. We will work for you and make sure you get paid what you deserve for your insurance claim.

Damage to your home or business can be a very stressful situation. Hiring a licensed public adjuster in Coral Springs or South Florida can take the stress off the property owners plate. More and more people are using Public Adjusters since their extensive knowledge and years of experience is proven to produce a more favorable settlement for the insurance claim. Many property owners dread calling in a claim or often are under paid or denied. Insurance policies are complicated, and after suffering damage it’s important to know what to do, and what NOT to do. Insurance claims agents will often come to visit and offer a settlement, which may be much less than what is necessary to repair or replace the damaged areas.

Therefore, residential or commercial property owners significantly benefit from working with licensed public adjusters, like those at All Claims USA Public Adjusters. Your insurance agent works directly for the insurance company. They do what your policy says is necessary, but ultimately, their job is to negotiate the best deal possible for the insurance company. Public adjusters work with their clients best interest in mind, to get the maximum settlement.

When you hire an All Claims USA Public Adjusters public adjuster for your business or residential claim, you will be sure of the following:

  • They will help navigate the insurance claim process- which taking the right steps is critical to getting a proper settlement.
  • Just like your claims agent; they understand the language and details of policies much better than the average property owner.
  • You’ll get a professional write up of the true estimate of your damages which will be prepared and presented to your insurance company.
  • Your public adjuster will negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company to make sure that you get a settlement that is fair to you- a settlement that covers all the damages that occurred. Most property owners get a significantly higher settlement if they have a public adjuster.
  • There are no upfront fees- No recovery/no fee

If you’re a business or homeowner in Coral Springs and you need to call in a claim, make sure to contact All Claims USA Public Adjusters for a free consultation- they do this every day and do it well! All Claims USA Public Adjusters has thousands of satisfied clients. It’s always best to call your public adjuster as early in the claims process as possible, and remember, they also handle claims that have been denied or underpaid.


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