All Claims USA Public Adjusters provides hassle-free and reliable Xactimate estimating services from expert estimators with over 15 years in both the contractor and public adjusting industries. Professional property damage estimate writing for contractors, attorneys, restoration companies, homeowners as well as commercial property owners who need professional reliable Xactimate estimating services.

Our estimate writers specialize in dealing with the property damage estimating services by writing insurance claims through Xactimate estimating services. We serve diverse insurance and restoration industries by dealing with clients like contractors, adjuster, homeowner, lawyer, and different property owners.

An accurate Xactimate estimate from All Claims USA Public Adjusters can save you money and help you earn more money through accuracy and up-to-date labor rates. This helps to ensure that you are not underestimating your project and loosing hard earned revenue. In addition to the money saving benefits, our Xactimate estimates can save you time dealing with insurance agents or cost-conscious customers by providing and itemized list of costs to address any and all questions that may arise.

Most importantly, our Xactimate estimating services can help you win the job and look more professional than your competition. Our Xactimate estimates detail a specific scope of work with a definitive cost to achieve it, line by line with itemizes accurate quantities and totals for each room/area of your project and all but eliminates the potential for any error. Our Xactimate estimates can be white labelled; meaning they can appear on your own letterhead with logo, and you can specify your own custom terms, conditions, and project notes to provide a branded customized estimate for you clients.

Why Chose All Claims USA Public Adjusters For Your Xactimate Estimating Services and Consulting:

  • We have over 15 years of experience writing professional property damage estimates using the latest and most sophisticated trusted platform in the industry.
  • Our team has extensive knowledge and background in contracting and public adjusting.
  • Fast, accurate, credible, professional.
  • Highly reputable, honest, legal and transparent in every estimate situation.
  • We’re the driving factor in your success!

We Perform Xactimate Estimating For All Loss Types Including:

  • Roofing estimates
  • Interior estimates
  • Exterior estimates
  • Water Damage estimates
  • Storm/Hurricane damage estimates
  • Fire Loss Estimates