Orlando is one of the jewels of the Sun Belt and beloved the world over as a magical, entertaining, and exhilarating destination. It’s no wonder that a city this glamorous, this special, and this unique is known as “The City Beautiful.” Even in beautiful, magical Orlando, however, real disasters can happen. Those who are fortunate and hard-working enough to own property in this Floridian paradise are also smart enough to insure their futures. What many people don’t realize, however, is that the insurance policies they’ve paid into in good faith don’t automatically mean they’ll get the coverage they deserve when they need it.

That’s where we come in. All Claims USA Public Adjusters is the public adjuster Orlando trusts. Public adjusters like us work to make sure that policy holders get the settlements they deserve when the unthinkable happens—and we work for policy holders, not for their insurance companies. We’re here to help you!


Insurance policies are written in complex, detailed, highly specific language. One reason for this is to make sure that the policy says exactly what the insurance company wants it to say. But of course, there’s a side effect to this sort of highly specific, technical jargon: it’s difficult or impossible for the layperson to decipher precisely what the insurance company is claiming they’ll cover. The processes surrounding insurance claims filing isn’t any more straightforward. A simple mistake, a wrong date, a missing piece of documentation—that’s all it takes for an insurance company to throw out your insurance claim, or insist on settling for less.

A public adjuster in Orlando, however, can ensure that you’re covered as you deserve to be. We’ll take a look at what the damage entails, how much it should cost to fix, and what exactly your policy says about it. We’ll also reference the ever-changing legislative rules and regulations on minimums to make sure your insurance company does their due diligence.


Each and every one of our public adjusters in Orlando are exceptionally good at their jobs. Every member of our team is a pro at deciphering the legalese your insurance company packed your policy full of, and we stay up to date on the tricks and loopholes insurance companies are apt to use on Orlando policy holders. We also make sure that we’re well aware of state and regional laws, because—it happens—sometimes you’re legally entitled to more than what your policy states.

We’ve been doing this a long time as a public adjuster in Orlando. It doesn’t matter if you own a one bedroom house or a mansion, a souvenir shop or a multi-million dollar resort, to us. What matters is that we get you the settlement you deserve. Your success is our success; we’re on your side.


We’re calling on Orlando policy holders with a claim in mind to call on us. When you’re up against an insurance company, whether you’re a big business holder or a small homeowner, we’re the ace up your sleeve. We’re waiting to hear from you.