When you own a business, the cost of damage to your property is only the beginning.  Every moment that damage persists, every moment your claim is delayed, every man hour that negotiating the policy costs you, saps your resources.  Business interruption plays an important role in your claim and settlement, and a qualified, knowledgeable public adjuster from All Claims USA can help ensure that this aspect of your claim is not overlooked or downplayed.

As a business owner or commercial property owner, you leverage your own expertise every single day to help your clients achieve their best.  You do this by knowing your business, a business you’ve devoted your career to understanding and excelling at.  At All Claims USA, we have the same philosophy. Our clients’ insurance settlements are our business. Our core competency is prioritizing the policy holder and using our understanding of insurance policies and requirements to negotiate the settlement that best serves both our clients as well as their customers.

As a commercial client, you are familiar with business to business transactions, and it may occur to you that your insurance agent is working to further that type of relationship. Unfortunately, that is typically not the case.  Insurance companies, while they wish to serve their customers, must prioritize their own financial interests.

A public adjuster is concerned primarily with the policy holder’s interests—they must be. After all, a public adjuster’s fee is typically a portion of your settlement.  Their entire motivation is to ensure that your settlement is fair.

If you want to represent your organization’s interests fairly, All Claims USA can help you do that. Contact us today.

We can help with new claims or those you have already began working with your insurance company on. Very often our clients have been offered a small amount from their insurance company to close out their claim. This amount is often not enough to pay for all your damages and does not result in a fair settlement. We will do a professional estimate and work with your insurance company to make sure you receive the right payment to cover all your costs. View our case study section to see just a handful of claims we worked on and the difference in payment the client received by hiring All Claims USA Public Adjusters.