Fort Myers is a beloved destination for deep sea fishermen, sun-worshipers, and those that love culture, history, and a night out on the town. It’s one of the United States’ most beloved cities, having been home to great minds like Thomas Edison and brilliant entrepreneurs like Henry Ford. But even in a town as idyllic as Fort Myers, sometimes things can go awry. Prepared property owners are always sure to have good insurance policies and are dedicated to making certain they’re up to date. Even that preparation, however, isn’t enough if you don’t know how to make your policy work for you.

That’s where All Claims USA Public Adjusters comes in. We’re a team of public adjusters Fort Myers citizens and property owners can count on. We know the region, insurance companies and policies, and we also know great customer service. We’re here to be your voice to the insurance company—a voice that works only for you, not them.


As public adjusters in Fort Myers, we exist for the sole purpose of demystifying your insurance policy and your insurance company’s rules and regulations for filing an insurance claim. Why? To make sure you get the settlement you deserve. We’re not successful unless our Fort Myers clients are, so we make sure you are successful.

Insurance policies are written using specific language for a specific reason—and that reason isn’t to be easy for policy holders to understand, unfortunately. Take a look at your policy when you get a chance, and really start reading the fine print. In the event of a disaster, you may be surprised to find out that even the simplest terms—“fire damage,” “wear and tear,”—mean something else entirely to your insurance company.

Insurance companies interpret their policies in their own best interest, but that doesn’t mean they’re supposed to, or allowed to, by law. A public adjuster in Fort Myers can make sure that your policy does exactly what it’s supposed to. That is, All Claims USA Public Adjusters makes sure that the policy you’ve invested in pays off for you, not your insurance company.


Our public adjusters of Fort Myers aren’t just experts in insurance. We have a deep knowledge of the types and classifications of damage that Fort Myers property owners are most likely to see and of the ways in which insurance companies tend to minimize or overlook that damage. Our adjusters stay up to date on regional laws and regulations to make sure insurance companies are fulfilling their real purpose. And what is that purpose? To make sure you’re covered when the unexpected happens—not to find a loophole to avoid paying out insurance claims.


We’re waiting for your call. That’s all it will take—one call—for us to prove that we’re standing by to work for you. When everything you’ve worked so diligently for is on the line, when life is chaotic because of an unforeseen disaster, you need someone on your side. That someone is All Claims USA Public Adjusters.