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Public Adjusters Lighthouse Point

public adjuster lighthouse pointThese days it’s important to hire a public adjuster to help you with your insurance claim. Many Lighthouse Point and South Florida home and business owners are utilizing public adjusters to manage the claims process and assure they receive the settlement they deserve.  When accidents occur, you can face many questions regarding your policy and the real cost of damage at hand.  Hiring an expert Public adjuster to handle the claim can lead to peace of mind.   Disaster can strike any time, even in the beautiful area of Lighthouse Point, especially during hurricane season, so it’s important to have a public adjuster on hand to help properly evaluate your damage, manage and expedite your insurance payments owed and help get you on a path to rebuild things back to normal.  Whether you live at the residence where the damage occurred, or you are out of state, All Claims USA public adjusters professional team can quickly arrange a consultation and evaluation of damages.

The Hardship of Filing and Waiting on Claims

The claims process can be daunting.  When policy holders file claims, insurance companies use their own claims adjuster, who will fight to uphold the rights of the insurance company in question.  So, even though your claim may be valid, you may not be paid enough, or at all.  Handling a claim on your own, at best, may get you the bare minimum, which won’t likely make much of a dent in replacing damaged items.

However, Lighthouse Point residents can ensure they receive fair treatment by using a public adjuster.  A Lighthouse Point public adjuster will know how to negotiate as well as complete insurance claims.  This being the case, we know how to obtain a much more attractive deal than most home owners can achieve on their own.

Let All Claims USA Fight For the Money You Deserve!

The Lighthouse Point public adjusters of All Claims USA will provide home owners with the following:

  • An analysis of the Insurance policy to assess the details of your coverage and help you understand the insurance language and fine print
  • A visit/consultation, including a professional estimate of your damages for your insurance company
  • Inventory of damaged belongings followed by a professionally-written statement addressed to your insurance company
  • Ready documents for claims. This entails proof of loss, which your insurance company may require.
  • If need be, see to advances on insurance claims
  • Get you in touch with companies who specialist in restoration, as well as contractors who can help control damages your property may have incurred.
  • Safeguard belongings that were not damaged
  • Assist in locating temporary housing if needed. This includes observing the standard of living to which you are accustomed, according to your policy.
  • Manage all negotiations regarding claims

public adjusters lighthouse pointOwn a home or business in Lighthouse Point? Contact us now for more information!

With a public adjuster from All Claims USA on your side, Lighthouse Point home and business owners can rest assured that they will receive the maximum benefit allowed.  When it comes down to it, the rough waters of insurance claims can be a nightmare to handle on your own.  Hiring a public adjuster puts you on an even playing field with your insurance company. Why put yourself through the struggle when an advocate can manage negotiations on your behalf? We can re-open old claims or file new ones.  Furthermore, we get paid strictly from the money that we recover.

Get in touch with us today for more information on how our Lighthouse Point public adjusters can help you!

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