If you have to file a claim with your insurance company, you might hear the term, “home insurance claim adjuster.” The question you may be asking yourself is, “Should I hire a public adjuster?” In case you’re not familiar with what an adjuster does, insurance claims adjusters generally handle all kinds of property claims that involve damage homes and businesses.

There are different titles used for claims adjusters, such as “claims representative,” “claims specialist,” or “independent claims analyst.” For the most part, they all perform the same work duties. The type of adjuster that you may already be aware of is the kind that is employed by the insurance companies to determine the liability of the insurance company regarding the insured’s claim.

However, when it comes to independent 3rd party adjusters, also commonly referred to as “public adjusters,” or “private adjusters” there is a very important distinction. A public adjuster is an entity hired by the insured – as opposed to the insurer — to advocate on their behalf. Public adjusters are licensed by their state and you have a right to hire a public adjuster. Usually there are no upfront cost and it only benefits the insured. As a homeowner or business owner, whether you’ve just experienced an insured event and are first entering the claims process, or even if you’ve already received money from your insurance, a public adjuster can be called upon to independently assess your claim and assist you in ensuring that you are paid a fair and just amount.

Just as the insurance companies have claims specialists advocating for their interests, it’s only natural that the insured should also hire a claims specialist of their own. There are times when the amount offered by the insurance company simply isn’t sufficient in covering the damages suffered. A public adjuster will work for the insured to right such wrongs. What’s more, public adjusters handle the heavy lifting during the claims process, allowing the homeowner or business owner to focus on rebuilding and getting life back to normalcy.

Filing a Claim in the Event of Property Damage

Studies show that you can benefit from consulting with a public adjuster, serving as your advocate for a property damage claim. There is no out-of-pocket upfront costs, and the adjuster will help you document damage, which is crucial in determining the amount you are paid by your insurance carrier. A 3rd party home insurance claim adjuster will have an understanding of the complicated terms included in insurance policies, so they can help you through the process. Bottom line: when you hire a public adjuster for your claim, your chances of getting a higher settlement from the insurance company increases.

We hope we’ve helped you answer the question, “Should I hire a public adjuster?” If you want to make sure you maximize your results and get a fair settlement for your claim, you can hire a 3rd party home insurance claim adjuster. All Claims USA Public Adjusters has a team of insurance adjusters who represent the people of Florida (and GA, NC, SC, KS, TN, MS, & NJ). Our headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida with a staff of the best public adjusters in Florida. We take the hassle out of insurance settlement negotiations!

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